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Awesome 80's Fundraiser Benefiting Branson Bands | Entertainment

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The Americana Theater is hosting a fundraiser with the Branson High School Marching Band to benefit their efforts to produce the Fall 2022 show.

On Friday, July 29th, people will be invited to the Americana Theater to see the production of the Awesome 80 at 8pm at a discounted price of $ 15 and taxes, saving $ 24 from the regular price.

The theme of this year’s show for the marching band is The Last Train Home. All music audiences will hear from the band, and the props for the show are train-themed.

Christina Matney, the organizer of the Branson Band Booster fundraiser, said it would be great for Chris and CJ Newsom to work together on this fundraiser.

“We’re going to play a small group of kids before the show and show off some of their fun skills. They’re preparing to liven up the march season, so they’re at the show The Last Train Home. We are preparing, “Matney said. “All $ 15 will be sent to boosters to support the new show. When they adventure in this march season, the kids will. Next, a 50/50 raffle will also be held, so that 50% will be sent to the winners and the other half will return to the band boosters to support those kids. “

The Awesome 80’s show features a variety of the best music introduced to the world in the 1980s, performed by the energetic cast of talented singers and dancers.

Matney explained how Booster Club will use the money it raises to support marching bands in the coming months.

“It’s heading for field show props. It’s heading for the color guard flag. Our drum major probably didn’t have a new uniform for seven years, so this year enough to get a new one I’m very excited to have some money. Those money will be used for other small things. I’m doing a bandcamp in August. It supports the little things and in the evening Treat it like an ice candy, lunch during the march season, and of its nature. “

The money raised in this fundraiser and other fundraiser will also be used by boosters to help students in the band in need of financial assistance.

“We don’t want students to attend for financial reasons, so all the extras collected help ensure that they can do all the elements. That’s it, “Matney said. “The really cool big Sousaphone and tuba are provided by the school, but they are very expensive due to the maintenance and care required … all students have the best opportunity to learn and work with high quality equipment. I want to be equipped with the best possible music education. “

For the upcoming marching band season, Matney said he has a complete calendar of events this fall.

“We participate in all home (sports) games. This is so much fun and exciting that the Branson people can see them. They also participated in 5 festivals and we I’m hosting my own festival, “Matney said. “We have a fairly competitive season and we’re going all over southwestern Missouri, and we’re preparing to go to Tulsa for the festival this year, so we’re heading to the world for that competitive season. I travel inside. I also participate in veterans’ parades and worship parades. “

Matney also thanked the Americana Theater and Newsom for their support in this fundraiser.

“For us and as parents, it’s great to know that there are people in our community who want to support their children, their education, and their passion for music. That’s great, “Matney said. “Because Branson relies heavily on entertainment and music, these children will become Branson’s next-generation entertainers and musicians who will continue to make use of music, so there will be theaters that give back to students and enliven the next generation. It’s great to have. In these theaters. “

To receive a $ 15 discounted admission to Awesome 80’s, patrons will be asked to mention the Branson Band Booster fundraiser when purchasing tickets. Fundraising tickets can be purchased directly at the Americana Theater ticket office or by calling 417-544-8700.

The Americana Theater is located at 2905 W.76 Country Blvd. At Branson. For more information on the Awesome 80’s show, please visit