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The COVID-19 pandemic was a struggle for many and for small businesses. During this period, we “challenge the idea of ​​Anchor. To meet the challenges of today’s changing market needs, Anchor Audio has launched its latest marketing tool suite, Anchor Blue.” With the implementation of HubSpot, the anchor marketing team has successfully launched a new one. The website was redesigned in August 2021. The launch of the new site has given the anchor brand its personality and inspiration. The previous marketing tools have been integrated to implement a CMS hub. At the CMS Hub, an attractive multi-channel campaign launched effectively by the anchor marketing team. Materials for these campaigns include email, dealer communications, videos, graphics and social posts. All of these are easy to create and access in HubSpot. After launching the campaign, the marketing team was able to track and generate performance. Implementation of analysis reports and feedback.

“Thanks to the efforts and dedication of the Anchor team, Anchor Audio has achieved the greatest financial success in the company’s history. We are honored to be recognized by the Business Intelligence Group for our marketing strategy initiatives and technological innovations. I think. At Anchor Audio, we always talk about Anchor Way. From now on, our calling card will be Anchor Blue. ” Caitlin McLeanMarketing Strategist, Anchor Audio.

“We are proud to reward Anchor Audio for innovation and dedication to helping both organizations using technology and the ultimate consumer.” Maria Jimenez, Chief Nomination Officer of Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear that their efforts would improve the connection with the brands we all love for years to come.”

About Anchor Audio: Founded in 1973, Anchor Audio Anchor Audio manufactures the highest quality portable sound systems. united states of america.. Anchor is the industry leader and innovator in all-in-one battery-powered loudspeakers, a perfect complement to wireless technology for any sound application. The products are currently sold through a trusted network of authorized dealers serving more than 2,000 school districts, all military branches, places of worship and more. For more information, please visit

About Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and outstanding performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, experienced and knowledgeable executives decide on the program. Your organization’s unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and rewards companies that outperform their peers.

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Anchor Audio Press Contact:
Caitlin McLean| Marketing Strategist | [email protected] | 1 760-827-7100 ext120;

Business Intelligence Group Press Contact:
Maria Jimenez | Chief Nominee | [email protected] | 1 909-529-2737

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