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Augusta University Online Adds Vice President of Online Education – Jagwire

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Dr. Mark Austin, Vice-President and Dean of Augusta University Online, is pleased to welcome Corey Vigdor as Vice-President of the Initiative’s Online Education.

“We are very fortunate to have Corey join the Augusta University online team,” Austin said. “Corey is a unique combination of operational and educational skills that not only enhances online instruction, but also helps build the infrastructure needed to support students’ online travel.

“For the past eight years, I’ve worked extensively with faculty, students, managers and online communities at all levels and abilities at Kean University, and what I like most about Corey’s passion for this new role is he. It’s always a way to start with a student. Heart, “Austin continued. “This is one reason US News Corey’s programs are ranked number one in the country in terms of student satisfaction. “

“We are very pleased to join Dr. Austin to provide the Augusta University community with innovative and quality learning opportunities,” said Bigdor. “I was impressed that everyone I met during the recruitment process was dedicated to learning online. I can’t wait to get started.”

Bringing 30 years of experience in higher education, including 20 years with a direct focus on online learning, Vigdor was the first two hires of Austin’s staff to be the recently announced Strategic Marketing and Registration Management AVP. Join Cristina Raecke. His expertise includes program development, instructional design, teacher training and mentoring, certification, technology and instruction.

Vigdor came to Augusta University Online after spending the last eight years at Kean University in New Jersey. For his last two years, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Online Education. He was also Vice Dean from 2018 to 20 and Director of the Center for Online Learning and Professional Development from 2014 to 2017.

Over the eight years at Kean University, Vigdor has built an award-winning, solid online program with over 20 online programs that enroll students from multiple states and around the world.

Keen is ranked by Newsweek No. 2 in New Jersey as one of the Top 100 Online Programs Nationwide. Kean University’s online program has also won numerous independent rankings, including 2nd in New Jersey for biology, 5th in criminal justice, 10th in human resource management, and 19th in the country. 21st in Japan in accounting and nursing.

Vigdor also helped generate nearly $ 100 million in revenue from online course enrollment, helped train about 2,000 Kean University faculty members on online education and technology, and held 14 university-wide professional development conferences. I took the lead.

Prior to working at Keane, he was Executive Director of the Center for Distance Education at Hudson County Community College in New Jersey (2010-13) and held multiple positions at Debris University for nine years (1997-2006). He has also held positions at College Board (2007-2010) and St. Peter’s University (1993-97).

Participate in the process

Augusta University’s online landing page is a way for Austin and his staff to share up-to-date information on the progress of the initiative. This page contains a section of Frequently Asked Questions.

Part of the process of building this new university is to listen, and Austin hopes faculty, staff, and current and future students will speak to the “Ask a Question” section at the bottom of the page. is. This input not only helps address questions to the AU community, but also helps shape the development of Augusta University Online.

Austin is working on building the infrastructure and student experience. All of these are related to the university’s newly launched strategic plan. Creating a unique legacy..