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AT & T Dream In Black Honors Black Excellence At Essence Festival of Culture 2022

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The dust is gone, but the natural heights of the Essence Festival of Culture remain. From June 30th to July 3rd, the long-awaited Essence Festival is back in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Essence Festival of Culture, the world’s largest black culture and music festival, brings together the world’s largest gathering of black women of all levels in a safe environment: sisterhood, personal growth, wealth creation, civil involvement, And community leadership.

The festival promotes black wherever I go, achievement, honor, friendship, networking, and of course much fun, demonstrating the economic and social need for such culturally significant events.

With the introduction of Afrotropolis 3.0 activation by AT & T Dream in Black, festival attendees are now able to experience a fusion of art, technology and culture. During the weekend, AT & T Dream in Black offered a variety of programming and unforgettable experiences with a great line of artists.

Launched in 2018, AT & T Dream in Black’s year-round programming is fascinating and thought-provoking, with the support of key cultural influencers known as Black Future Makers, who are influencing both inside and outside the community. Integrate black culture and technology at the event.

AT & T sent a VIP invitation to For (bes) The Culture to participate in the activation of the Essence Festival, allowing them to directly witness the joy and enchantment of blacks.

Corey Anthony, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity and Development Officer at AT & T, said:

This year, AT & T sent an executive group to NOLA to participate directly in the celebration. They organized several activations to inform attendees about the greater prospects that result from connecting to the network and growing.

  • Dream tree Interactive activation presented by AT & T Fiber connects festival attendees and remote supporters with shared messages of happiness and leverages fiber speed and connectivity to create a symbolic and sparkling reflection of community and connectivity. I entered the data into the tree as. It was inspired by the majestic baobab, Africa’s iconic tree of life.
  • Essence Tech Summit Participants were given the opportunity to use the AT & T Dream in Black, NFT video booth with AT & T 5G to create their own Dreamin Black NFT art by New Orleans-based artist Jade Meyers.
  • To Essence Wealth & Power And that Essence Tech Summit A panel discussion between Stage, AT & T executives Michelle Jordan and Angela Baskerville, Romeo Miller, Lori Harvey, and Laramilan covered a variety of topics such as wealth expansion, representative improvement, and NFTs.
  • Provided by AT & T AT & T business hours For small business owners directly at the AT & T booth in the Essence Marketplace shop to support the company’s purpose of granting access to opportunities to the Black and Afloratina communities.
  • AT & T 5G brand ambassadors Coco Jones, Evony Davis, Laginley and Court & Rex attend behind-the-scenes events with celebrity guests such as Grammy-winning artists Ashanti, Terence J, Tisha Campbell and Terrell Grice. did.

According to Michel Jordan, Vice President of Talent & Leadership Development at AT & T, AT & T’s leadership and talent development teams have recently merged. This move was made to ensure that their programming for different talents was influential.

“As a black woman, I have endured a mile of hardship myself. I do not apologize for wanting to play my part in accelerating the progress of the people behind me. Participating in events like the Essence Festival makes it possible for me to fully understand the culture in terms of both current change and future development, “explains Jordan.

Jordan continues to take pride in AT & T’s continued support for the Essence Festival and its value in the industry.

“It’s not just about investing in the city of New Orleans and its surroundings. Its pride is what people bring back, which increases employee involvement. This allows businesses to recognize and appreciate black female employees. Then, as a result of investing in this brand, we take pride in returning to the community, “says Jordan.

Colored races are often at the back end of new technologies in communities left out of society. AT & T is trying to stay ahead of the curve by introducing black culture makers who are immersed in the tech industry, dispelling the idea that technology is for everyone except blacks.

According to Angela Baskerville, vice president of corporate systems and human resources development at AT & T, NFTs have many mysterious dynamics. The main goal of the Essence Tech Summit was to uncover new technologies while demonstrating cultural influence.

As a technician and a black woman, Baskerville was pleased to have the opportunity to meet a young black woman and discuss her career opportunities in the tech field.

“I spend a lot of time refuting the idea that technology is exclusively for white men. Essence helped me advance the validation of that message. The Essence Men’s Summit was a highlight for me. Men It must be counted among those who support and defend the rights. In my opinion, it was as important as the Technology Summit, “says Baskerville.

Multi-platinum recording artists Ashanti and Baskerville talked about her latest business venture in the Metaverse in a panel discussion on “AT & T Dream in Black presents NFT’s: The New Face of Technology.”

The “stupid” singer has partnered with tech entrepreneur Janice Taylor to launch EQExchange, one of Silicon Valley’s first female-owned Web3 companies.

“I think it makes sense now to own a master, become independent, and own your own record label from an artist who has signed a major label. Discover the value of ownership in a difficult way. I want to be. A vessel to educate and demonstrate why ownership is so important to people. I own everything I create, including music, dance, beauty, hair tutorials, etc. As a result, we need to be rewarded, especially to help spread the story among black women, “says Ashanti.

Thanks to Master’s acquisition, Ashanti has re-recorded the Grammy-winning self-titled album 20 years after its first release. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of her album, she launched a non-fungible token (NFT) line on EQ Exchange in April 2022.

Ashanti played a variety of hits on the AT & T Dreamin Black stage throughout the weekend, in addition to the book that signed the children’s book My Name Is A Story. She was honored on Sunday at the Black Excellence Branch founded by Treme Thomas at the Treme Market Branch in New Orleans. During the brunch, she and Thomas had a frank chat about the lessons of her life she learned throughout her career and her future.