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"As soon as I got on the mat, they knew my name," says the North Country Wrestler, who earned All-American status.

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Fargo, North Dakota (WWNY)-A pair of area wrestlers trekked cross-country skiing to one of the country’s best wrestling tournaments this month, marking their name on a map with outstanding performance nationwide.

This year was a big year for Gavanua wrestler Zoe Griffith.

In March, she won the Section 10 Championship for £ 126 and last week earned All-American status at the 2022 US Marine Corps Junior at 16 UNationals in Fargo, North Dakota.

“I knew I wasn’t ranked, and I just stuck to myself. I should probably be because there are girls I’ve been ranked to win. I didn’t really care, because I knew people didn’t know me, but as soon as I got out on the mat, they got to know my name, “Griffith said. I did.

Griffith started the tournament in the 16U division, where he went 4-2 and lost in the blood round.

There, Griffith failed to reach his goal, so he was promoted to junior and wrestled in a 132-pound weight class.

After losing the first match, she won seven consecutive victories, gaining All-American status and advancing to the comfort finals.

It’s starting to begin. After that first loss, I really changed my mind and told myself that I had nothing to lose. Wrestling for seven games in a row was definitely an achievement, “Griffith said.

“As you know, she came out here hoping for a 16U All-American. Apparently she was short of blood rounds, but she put it together. Achieve the goal. I told her that it wasn’t something you could get by doing it, but by achieving your goals, “Griffith coach Dylan Morrison said.

Griffith wasn’t the only northern girl to win the All-America honor in Fargo.

General Zoe Jewett, a brown wrestler, was also Fargo’s All-American after finishing fifth in the 16U 94-pound category, setting a 3-2 record.

“It was a good feeling to go out and wrestle in the spotlight on the 5th and 6th games. It was hard. It wasn’t what I’m used to, but I’m just I stuck with the movement and what I know, “said Jewett.

After falling to No. 1 finisher Katie Baldy’s and No. 3 finisher Cary Graber, Jewett defeated Kendalmo in technical fall and finished fifth in the tournament.

“Yes, it was non-stop, but I went to each match and made sure I recovered after the match,” said Jewett.

Zoe Jewette had to fight. I think she won three or four games behind the tournament and got to where she fell. She wasn’t ranked nationally because she defeated two girls who were ranked nationally, and she worked hard and came out here. And now she’s in fifth place in the national competition and gets people’s attention, “said Adams.

Two up-and-coming wrestling stars who are active locally on the national stage.

Watertown Red and Black pulled out 21-20 Roadwin in Isaka on Saturday night after the Watertown contest with Syracuse was postponed.

With the victory, red and black improved to 3-0 during the season.

Next is the last road trip to Watertown 4 to travel to Broome County for the EFL contest this Saturday.

“I think I flipped the ball three times in the first half. We made a lot of mistakes. We went down in halftime 8-7 and the third quarter traded back and forth for the whole third quarter. They scored quickly in the fourth quarter and rose 14-7, but they didn’t stop playing. We played football for 60 minutes, scoring with 2 minutes left in the second half of the match, ahead And won there, it was a well-played game, “said George Ashcraft, a red and black coach.

Watertown Rapids enjoyed a rare off-day on Sunday after defeating Boonville in two consecutive victories at Alex Duffy Fairgrounds on Saturday.

Rapids will resume activity on Monday and will travel to Utica to begin the final week of the PGCBL season.

Watertown will return for the match on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This is a fan appreciation night at the stadium.

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