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Applied Underwriters Premier Entertainment & Sports Top Sector Leader

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The new division is the latest in the continued expansion and growth of Applied Underwriters, which attracts top professionals seeking to achieve their careers and personal goals.

Omaha, Nebraska, July 27, 2022 / PRNewswire /-san Steve Menzies, Chairman of Applied Underwriters, today announced the establishment of Applied Entertainment & Sports. Applied Entertainment & Sports integrates existing businesses and Los Angeles With New York Satellite office. According to Menzies, the company’s debut follows several recent acquisitions and commercial business introductions that marked the dramatic growth of Applied Underwriters. Talents who are attracted to the transition to applied in selected specialty markets. The new Entertainment & Sports Leadership team truly demonstrates its openness to great ideas and thinkers, and its approach to attracting professional talent. “

According to Mr. Jamie Sahara, President of Applied Underwriters, this division is headed by two skilled sector leaders, CEO of Jerid Messa. Schmickle was formerly President of Reel Media Insurance Services, Founding Managing Director of Alive Risk, and Senior Director of Allianz / Fireman’s Fund Global Entertainment. He will be joined by veteran industry veteran Mr. Tim Troester, COO. Troester was formerly Reel Media’s EVP and Senior Director of Alive Risk. After that, he held an executive position at One Beacon and Nationwide. Schmickle and Troester co-founded Alive Risk in 2011. It has become a prominent MGA in the entertainment space, along with NAS Insurance, one of Lloyd’s largest cover holders.

Mr. Sahara further commented that the new business has a kind of “star-born” effect. This will almost immediately become the top underwriting business in the entertainment and related fields. Our team. Take advantage of this opportunity, especially as you build more teams and communicate their unique and proven strengths. We are very optimistic and ready to be a central stage. “

The prospect of forming a “dream team” to achieve his goals in this area was one of the incentives that attracted Mr. Schmicle to applied underwriters. Field — To further deepen product and program development and gain high praise among customers. It is an understatement to say that this opportunity is exciting. I was mainly attracted to Applied as a result of their intellectual understanding of the business and their willingness to do so. To prolong a successful trajectory. “

Schmickle said the division is both E & S and approval based, GL, excess / umbrella, professional, workers’ accident compensation, contingencies (cancellation, absence, prize compensation and weather), inland ocean (instrument floater). ) Was shown to be provided. And jewelry) and over-reporting for movie and television events. Schmickle concluded that Applied Entertainment & Sports plans to introduce new program and product availability over the next few quarters.

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Applied underwriter® Is a global risk services company that helps businesses and people manage uncertainty through business services, insurance and reinsurance solutions. As a company, Applied Underwriters stands out for its innovative approach to client care and its strength. Financial strength. Applied Underwriters is a member of the United States, United Kingdom, EU, and middle east..Its operational headquarters is at Omaha, Nebraska..

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