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America's culture war is hurting the Democrats

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Solomon D. Stevens

Republicans are achieving success across the country every day, and Democrats are doing nothing substantive to stop it. They complain about Republicans and talk about how bad things are when they’re with their friends, but it’s clear they don’t understand the nature of the challenges they face.

And that’s why Republicans have an electoral edge heading into the 2022 election, and will likely regain the White House in 2024, with or without Donald Trump.

Republicans have brought into the country the cultural battle/struggle, the cultural struggle. But Democrats don’t get it.

Culture Kamp is presented by Republicans as a struggle between two images of America: those of pride and shame. When Trump talks about making America great again, he wants his supporters to feel good about their country, a pride he claims he and others have stolen from them. He said that many Americans are tired of being told that there is something wrong with their country and that they have many problems. felt.