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Amazon Selects Morgan State University as HBCU Education Partner for First Four Years of Employee Career Choice Program

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Morgan State University has announced a new partnership with Amazon, naming Maryland’s largest Historically Black College (HBCU) as a new “educational partner” for the Career Choice Program for technology companies.

Delivered in conjunction with the University’s Interdisciplinary and Continuing Studies (CICS), the Career Choice program allows Amazon hourly employees throughout Maryland and neighboring states to earn a degree or acquire a new skill on an upfront basis. You can now select Morgan as a learning target. Amazon covers the tuition. Morgan is one of her three colleges in Maryland designated an Amazon Career Choice institution and her first four-year HBCU in the program’s network.

Amazon’s Career Choice Program has a rigorous selection process for third-party partner educators to assist employees through educational programs, help them find jobs, and provide a holistic education that leads to career success. Choose a partner that focuses on Currently, more than 140 universities nationwide participate. Through a newly launched college of interdisciplinary and continuing research, Morgan offers participating Amazon employees 60 plus up to eight interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree program options, online learning opportunities, and opportunities for each candidate. We provide support from dedicated advisors who are paired and managed with you. Successful admission. Amazon employees, who do not have college credits and are just beginning their degree pursuits, are also given the option to enroll in one of the university’s approximately 60 other bachelor’s degree programs.

“Through strategic partnerships and initiatives such as Amazon’s Career Choice Program, Morgan is providing opportunities for more adult learners to pursue degrees and access in-demand programs that lead to higher paying careers and advancement. We are working to expand.” David K. WilsonPresident of Morgan State University.

“Morgan is proud to be an Amazon education partner and looks forward to playing a role in the educational journey of our employees. Whether you’re talking or looking to leverage the college credits you already have to cross the finish line, we’re committed to working with them and understanding where they stand. We hope that partnerships like this between companies and higher education institutions can serve as a blueprint for how we can transform how we meet the growing needs of non-traditional adult students.”

Amazon’s Career Choice Program is an educational benefit that enables employees to acquire new skills for a successful career at Amazon or elsewhere. The program pursues education through a variety of educational and upskilling opportunities, including prepaid college tuition, industry certifications designed to lead to high-demand jobs, English proficiency, and foundational skills such as high school. Meet individual learners. Diploma, and GED. In the U.S., the company has invested his $1.2 billion in helping him upskill more than 300,000 of her employees by 2025 for higher-paying, high-demand jobs. Amazon currently has more than 750,000 hourly employees in the US, 15,000 of whom work throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area.

“We are excited to have Morgan State University join Career Choice as an educational partner, joining the hundreds of best-in-class offerings available to our employees.” Tammy SeamanGlobal Program Leader for Amazon’s Career Choice Program.

“We are committed to empowering our employees by giving them access to the education and training they need to grow their careers. We deliberately created a partner network of third-party educators and employers committed to providing resources, and continuous improvement of the experience.Today, more than 80,000 Amazon employees around the world are already Career We’ve been with Choice and seen firsthand how it changes their lives.”

Morgan’s CICS is uniquely aligned with Amazon’s Career Choice, both rooted in addressing the professional and educational aspirations of today’s workforce. Amazon employees who come to Morgan will first interact with CICS to fulfill their educational aspirations for admission as a novice student pursuing a bachelor’s degree or as a college readmission candidate for the “Morgan Complete You” initiative. and guidance.

Morgan Completes You offers eight available degree tracks with an interdisciplinary curriculum for students with 60 plus transfer credits seeking a degree. Amazon employees can earn a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary engineering, information, and computational science. interdisciplinary sciences; interdisciplinary health and human sciences; interdisciplinary organizational management; interdisciplinary educational research; interdisciplinary technical services; Or an interdisciplinary global perspective and practice.

Launched in fall 2021, CICS offers a range of degree programs to meet the needs of diverse student bodies. The program’s degree requirements are structured to provide maximum flexibility for a wide range of students, including non-traditional students, returning students, working adults, and students who require or prefer distance learning. The interdisciplinary nature of these degrees allows students to tap into the expertise and resources of the entire campus to design a program of study aligned with opportunities in the local, national, and global workforce.

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