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Alex Jones Defamation Trial Finally Set to Start in Texas | Entertainment

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Austin, Texas (AP) —Jury Trial Selection Pays Parents at Sandy Hook Elementary School by Infowars Host Alex Jones for Falsely Telling Audience That The Worst Classroom Shooting in U.S. History Is A Rogue It started with a trial to determine the amount of money needed for the first time. ..

The trial in Austin, Texas, where conspiracy theorists live and broadcast his show, continues after a few months delay. Jones fined him for ignoring the court order and put Infowars in bankruptcy protection shortly before the trial began in April.

At stake for Jones is another potentially significant financial blow that could put his plotting business constellation at greater risk. He has already been banned from YouTube, Facebook and Spotify for violating hate speech policy.

The trial involving the parents of Sandy Hook’s two families is just the beginning of Jones. Damages have not yet been granted in a separate defamation case against another family member of the 2012 massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

The proceedings do not require the jury to give Jones a specific amount.

During the first round of questions from lawyers for families, some potential juries in the first pool of more than 100 said they strongly believed in free speech and punitive damages were fair. I asked if it was. Several others said they would have a hard time allocating damages that could amount to more than $ 100 million. Yet others, who also believe in the principle of free speech, said they would be willing to allocate damages to explicit falsehoods that might have done harm, even if they paid a lot of money.

Texas and Connecticut courts have already acknowledged that Jones is liable for defamation of the portrayal of the Sandy Hook massacre as a hoax involving actors aimed at tightening gun control. In both states, the judge ruled without trial because Jones did not comply with the court order and did not submit the document.

The Texas trial begins about two months after a shooter killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Yuvalde, about 145 miles (235 km) southwest of Austin. It was the deadliest school shooter in almost 10 years since Sandy Hook.

A 2012 Connecticut shooting killed 20 first graders and 6 educators. FBI agents who responded to the school with the families of eight victims are calling for freedom of speech with Jones and his company.

Jones has admitted that the shootings have taken place since then. Jones claimed in April’s testimony record that he was not responsible for the suffering that Sandy Hook’s parents had endured for mischievous plots such as threats of murder and harassment by Jones followers.

“No, I wasn’t trying to cause pain or suffering, so I’m not responsible,” Jones said according to a record released this month. He continued: “They are being used and their irreversible children are being used to destroy the First Amendment.”

Jones claimed in court records last year that his net worth was minus $ 20 million, but Sandy Hook’s lawyer portrays another financial situation.

According to court records, Jones’ Infowars store, which sells dietary supplements and survival supplies, earned more than $ 165 million between 2015 and 2018. Jones also urged listeners of the Infowars program to donate money.

Associated Press reporter Paul J. Weber contributed to this report.

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