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Accenture is investing in pulsESG, Inc.

Through Accenture Ventures, Accenture has made strategic investments in pulsESG, Inc., a utility company that helps businesses manage and improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. The investment amount is not disclosed.

Accenture Ventures Invests in pulseESG

According to both companies, Puls ESG will participate in the Accenture Ventures project spotlight. This is an engagement and initial investment program that connects emerging technology software startups with Global 2000 and bridges the strategic innovation gap.

The two companies say the pulsESG platform will improve ESG-related data collection and integration across the enterprise, including key third-party ecosystems and alliance partner dashboards and services. This move is based on Accenture’s broader sustainability initiative, as sustainability remains a top priority for all corporate stakeholders.

About pulsESG

With Murat Sönmez InderjitoshinPulsESG is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that helps you define, measure, and report on your organization’s ESG performance and address issues related to ESG data quality and timelines.

Accenture, Global Sustainability Services Leader, Peter Lacy

pulsESG, CEO and co-founder, Murat Sönmez

Peter LacyGlobal Sustainability Services Lead, Global Management Committee member, and Accenture Chief Executive Officer commented on the news:

“We believe that every business must be a sustainable business, which will fundamentally change the way companies report and disclose their financial data. The next step is to take this opportunity. Unleash the full value and impact of sustainability measurement and management by providing this strategic investment capability to clients, alliances and partners to improve ESG measurement and performance and interests. We look forward to increasing transparency and assurance across the board. “

Murat Sönmez, CEO and co-founder of pulsESG, added:

“As the transition to real-time ESG reporting has become a standard practice for companies around the world, the platform is the ultimate in ESG with the flexibility and modularity needed for today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment. This investment from Accenture allows clients to extend the platform to new heights as they navigate the inherent fluidity of ESG analytics. “

Inderjeet Singh, President and Co-Founder of pulsESG, said:

“Features such as model-driven architecture and an end-to-end workflow engine provide a new level of information that can be modified based on changing ESG regulatory conditions and stakeholder needs.”

Accenture Ventures

The Accenture Ventures project spotlight has made many other recent strategic investments. This includes Talespin, a spatial computing company in February 2022, CinToo Cloud, a digital twin cloud data management company in January 2022, and Interos, a supply chain risk management company in December 2021.