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'24 Hours of Booty' Expected to Attract Hundreds to Charlotte's Myers Park to Benefit Cancer Survivors

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Charlotte, NC (WBTV) – A 24-hour party focused on hard-fought people in their communities.

annual “24 hours of lootWalkers, runners and cyclists will take to the streets of Myers Park on Friday, July 29 at 7pm to raise funds for programs that directly benefit cancer survivors and the families who stand by them.

Dating back to 2002, 24 Foundation founder Spencer Lueders says he wanted to find a way to help patients who were battling cancer and are now recovering. This is a departure from programs centered around cancer research rather than direct care, support, and cure. ..

“That’s why we fund more than 60 programs for the Levine Cancer Institute that literally aren’t covered by insurance,” said Lueders. “So these are the programs that people need. They use them every day they’re out there and they help people get through it.

Programs such as acupuncture, art, music and touch massage therapy, and nutritional services, which are often not covered by insurance companies, can help reduce the emotional, mental, and physical health of cancer patients as well as their families. Essential for healing and recovery.

Dr. Chasse Bailey Dorton, a world pioneer, Integrated Oncology Program The Levine Cancer Institute says this is equally valid and necessary.

“Without these funds, they can’t have that service,” said Bailey Dawton. “And it’s probably most heartbreaking to see someone who needs this but doesn’t have the funds.”

A 20-year cancer survivor, Baillie Dorton now works to provide affordable and beneficial care for patients facing long roads to recovery and the families who support them.

“We have massage services,” said Bailey Dorton. “There are therapeutic arts that are great ways to process some of the emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis. There are great music therapy programs. We do nutritional services, and we have this full range that many cancer centers don’t have.”

The 24 Hours of Booty – aptly named after the 3-mile ‘Booty Loop’ outside Queen’s University in Myers Park – will open at 6:30 PM on Fridays. Walkers, runners, and cyclists then depart around 7:00 PM and pace themselves until the ride ends at 7:00 PM on Saturday.

In between, attendees and the community can enjoy local food, games, giveaways, live music, bike support and more at the ‘Bootyville’ village on Queen’s Road West.

Bailey-Dorton said it’s imperative to remember the support family and loved ones need as they deal with a difficult and life-changing cancer diagnosis.

“We want to serve families too, because while we’re focused on our patients, they’re often forgotten,” the doctor said. The whole family is going through the stress of this diagnosis and the journey, and we have a lot to offer them as well.”

This year, the organization has already raised more than $1 million for cancer assistance programs in the Charlotte metropolitan area and surrounding communities. So far, the 24 Foundation has raised over $25 million for her navigation and wellness programs for Levine Cancer Institute, Levine Children’s Hospital, and other beneficiaries.

The future of cancer research is promising, Lueders said, but it’s important to always pay attention to the immediate needs of those who are striving to do better.

“Obviously, a huge amount of research is needed,” he said. “There are billions of dollars to cover that. We raise over $1 million a year here in Charlotte, and that goes directly to helping people in this community.”

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