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$1.28 billion lottery jackpot to be drawn Friday at 11pm ET

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The $1.28 billion jackpot in Friday’s Mega Millions draw is the second-highest in the lottery game’s 20-year history and the third-largest lottery prize in the nation.

Important reasons: Americans have bet hundreds of millions of dollars on lottery tickets in the past two days alone, with the American lottery jackpot surpassing $1 billion for the fourth time, writes Axios’ Felix Salmon.

  • According to the news release, the July 29 jackpot is worth $747.2 million in cash if paid in full, rather than in the 30-payment annual annuity option.
  • The jackpot was worth an estimated $1.1 billion on Thursday, but lottery officials updated the numbers on Friday.

State of play: If no one wins the Mega Millions jackpot on Friday, lottery officials say the Aug. 2 draw could reach $1.7 billion, making it the country’s biggest lottery prize. said.

Odds of winning Mega Millions

keep dreaming The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 303 million per ticket.

By numbers: The jackpot has rolled 29 times since April as of Tuesday when the grand prize was $830 million.

  • 4 Mega Millions Jackpots have been won so far in 2022.
  • Since 2017, the number of jackpots won in a year ranges from 5 to 7.
Biggest Mega Millions Jackpot

Biggest Mega Millions Jackpot It was $1.537 billion as of October 23, 2018, according to lottery officials.

  • Winning tickets are sold in South Carolina and are the world’s largest single-ticket lottery ever won.
Mega Millions cost per ticket

Mega Millions tickets It costs $2, but players in most states can “add a Megaplier for an extra $1 and double your non-jackpot winnings.”

  • Mega Millions ticket prices, previously $1, doubled to $2 in late October 2017.

in the meantime, Of the $2 ticket, approximately 35 cents goes toward non-jackpot prizes, approximately 75 cents toward jackpot funds, and the remaining 90 cents goes to the government.

How to play Mega Millions

lottery player You can choose 6 numbers from 2 separate pools: 5 different numbers from 1 to 70 (white balls) and 1 number from 1 to 25 (gold mega balls).

  • You can also purchase a ‘Quick Pick’ or ‘Easy Pick’ ticket where the number is automatically selected.
  • There are 9 ways to win Mega Millions prizes, from Jackpots to just $2 to win the Mega Ball.
When is the draw for Mega Millions?

mega millions painting It takes place in Atlanta on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 PM (8:00 PM PT).

  • Two machines select the numbers in the picture, the first machine selects 5 white balls and the other machine selects the golden “mega ball”.
States that sell Mega Millions lottery tickets

Mega Millions tickets Available in 45 states, Washington DC and the U.S. Virgin Islands, drawing every Tuesday and Friday.

  • Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah do not participate in the lottery.
Mega Millions Deadline: Time to Buy Tickets

Ticket purchase deadline Mega Millions tickets are sold in individual lotteries, so Friday draws vary by state.

  • In many states, such as New York, Michigan, Virginia, and Ohio, sales close 15 minutes before the draw, while in Indiana, sales on draw days end at 10:44 PM ET.
  • Florida and South Carolina lotteries close ticket sales one hour before the draw, and Idaho closes nightly lottery sales one hour and five minutes before the draw.
Where to buy mega millions tickets online

Mega Millions tickets Available online in 10 states and Washington DC

  • New York also has subscriptions for buying tickets online.
  • Other states with online sales are Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
  • In most cases, you must be a resident of one of these states to purchase online tickets, but “When purchasing online tickets, you must be physically located in that state in all cases.” Yes,” says the Mega Millions website.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with new quotes from lottery officials.