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10 Unexpected Places to Discover Metal in Pop Culture

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With the recent resurgence of metals, it has appeared in the mainstream media among Grammy Award winners and has been even more successful. bring me the horizon Decorate the cover of Rolling stone, Architects No. 1 on the official UK chart For those who want to existWhen Metallica Soundtrack to the finale to one of the world’s largest shows on Netflix, looking back on some of his favorite picks from metal-centric pop culture.

Stranger Things-Metallica, Master of Puppets

We start with the most obvious of these days, and now the iconic scene from the finale, with one hand the reason for the massive anger among the metal heads everywhere. Stranger Things Season 4 introduced a whole new generation to the title track from one of the most famous and genre-defining metal albums in history.

How I Met Your Mother – Foreskin, Murder Train (First Introduced on S3 E16: Sandcastles in the Sand)

Traditionally, heavy metal songs are chosen to fit a particular existing scene, but in this case it was the scene that influenced the writing of this heavy metal song. ForeskinMurder train The first thing that appeared on the S3E16 (what!) Journey Robin, Memories are sandcastlesSince then, it has repeatedly become a fan favorite, mainly at PG shows. It acts as a total pallet cleanser for those who like metal for comedy.

School of Lock – LED ZEPPLIN, Immigrant Song

A timeless drum beat of 1970 reverberates, striking its full power beside it. Jack blackThe perfect look after the gang celebrates the success of the audition Battle of the Bands And it drives the audience to the final act of the film, offering one of the most hype moments of contemporary cinema and making them feel ready to challenge the world. A-Plus and 50 Gold Stars for the perfect soundtrack.


If you are a complete fan Attitude era For professional wrestling (also known as the best, don’t accept alternatives), every time I hear the opening riff of this song, I definitely remember this guy. Rob Van Dam Explain the moment he first heard the original Pantera TV commercial classics leading up to Respect match To friends ECW Star Sabu Previously-by copyright law- Kilgore And we chose to be one of the most instantly recognizable entrance themes of all wrestling to date. This is the beginning of pop culture, but we won’t complain.


If you’re even a casual wrestling fan, you’ve definitely seen this come, an opening intro that inspired countless early YouTube tribute videos and promotional packages, 2004 New Magnificent entrance theme of metal corner Was the basis of ruthless Aggression Served as the background for the match on the most epic stage of all of them like the times and all of them Edge vs undertaker and Wrestlemania twenty four..

Philadelphia is always sunny – literally get out of literacy (S4E12: overkill line: home makeover)

I don’t even know where to start this entry, but if you haven’t visited the gang yet Paddy pub (If not, why?) This scene is the perfect way to find out who each character is and the confusion they cause when they are together.Infamous home renovation show, take splitting the stomach of a small local band LiteracyBrutal truck Get out When a Philadelphia quintet breaks into a local Latin family home and starts them, it rings from an oversized boombox. saw-A quirky twisted view of helping people reach their goals. It’s said that you can’t escape the kindness of strangers, but playing this song may give you enough energy to make a good shot.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – OZZY OSBOURNE, Hellraiser

Nightfall, picturesque California skyline, lowrider top-down, we were all there. You are currently moving across the town to save your family, but you have just been arrested for murder and police are on your tail. Radio X Is played, and suddenly your favorite song appears. The rest is the history of the game with the highest sales ever. For many teens who are too young to actually play, this is the first introduction to The Prince of Darkness classics. Hellraiser.. Evaluation of reproduction ability: 10/10.

Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 2 – ANTHRAX & PUBLIC ENEMY, Bring the Noise

Pop culture comes in many forms. Depending on age, this is probably one of the biggest examples of discovering songs that shape the musical journey. It’s a microcosm of a recently remastered skater game, and that’s why I didn’t want to go to school. on time, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2..The theme song of the game can never be much better than the thrash metal legend Anthrax And joined forces Public EnemyFor a special heavy version of Def Crowded The 1988 Banger was sure to always make you feel like grinding steel.

Kronenbourg 1664 Beer Advertising – Motorhead, Ace of Space (Country Style)

It’s true that finding music in unexpected places is one of the simplest joys of life, but this entry ranks as one of the weirdest examples of finding metal in unlikely places. It is attached. Kronenbourg 1664 beer ads from October 2010 Motor head As themselves, as a stripped country-style rendition of their most famous truck, the band has reworked versions of them, as regulars watching are relaxing at a local French bar. Indicates that you are running. Certainly metal for the masses.

Thor: Love and Thunder-Guns N’Roses, Welcome to the Jungle

The last entry is another recent example, but for boys it’s weird.If you’re new to lesser-known bands Guns N’Roses Before this movie, you’re definitely now featured (and sometimes repeated) over four of their biggest hits throughout the latest article. Marvel Franchise-with the opening fight scene ThorThe heroic entrance of is scored very well here Welcome to the jungle And when we speak, it’s certain that we’re still humming in the ears of children and adults. True Asgards always choose a metal to fight and pass it on.

What did you think of our choice? What is your favorite metal inclusion in pop culture? Let us know in the comments below!