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Future of STEM Scholarship Initiative Raises Over $ 17 Million to Support STEM Education at HBCU

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Washington (31 May 2022) — Today, key organizations in the chemical and related industries set an important milestone in the Future of STEM Scholars Initiative (FOSSI), an industry collaborative diversity, equity and inclusive program. Announced. FOSSI released in 2020 Over $ 17 Million to Fund a $ 40,000 Scholarship for Over 350 Students Attended the Historically Black College (HBCU).

A national program, FOSSI is a student in an underrated community working in a variety of preferred science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, including chemistry and mechanical engineering, chemistry, and environmental science. Is supported. In the first year, FOSSI offered 151 scholarships. This fall, the program will fund an additional 144 scholarships, bringing the program closer to the target of 1000 scholarships by 2025.

Jadyn Fleming, a 2021 FOSSI scholarship recipient from Arkansas and attending Spelman College, shared why it was important to receive this scholarship. “FOSSI is helping HBCU students across the country, not just me, to reach their goals … By reducing some of the financial burden I face, FOSSI has invested in the future of STEM. did.”

Mark Vergnano, Chairman of FOSSI and former CEO of The Chemours Company, pointed out the importance of FOSSI in helping to create a diverse workforce of the future. “With the ambitious goal of funding 1000 HBCU students, FOSSI aims to have a significant and meaningful impact on the future workforce. These talented scholarship recipients Brings new and diverse perspectives to help innovate solutions to address global challenges such as clean energy and climate change. ”

In particular, FOSSI’s support goes beyond financial support, connecting students to nearly 60 corporate sponsors and a four-year skills development program, and providing leadership training, mentoring and internship opportunities at support organizations.

Carlton Carter, a sophomore at Southern University and A & M College in Georgia, “It made a big difference, knowing that I could count on that money. In addition, the mentoring program was very helpful. It gave me how the business works, and I get a degree. It gave me insight into what I could expect after doing it. “

The FOSSI application period for 2023 will begin on September 23.

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The future of the STEM Scholarship Initiative

The Future of STEM Scholars Initiative was founded in 2020 by the American Chemistry Council, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), The Chemours Company, and the HBCU Week Foundation. FOSSI is a nationwide chemical industry-wide program that provides scholarships to students with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degrees at the Historical Black University (HBCU) and is historically underrated. Helps remove the financial barriers of the group. FOSSI, sponsored by chemical manufacturers and stakeholders in related industries, will provide scholarship recipients with $ 10,000 a year for four years, linking these students to leadership development, mentoring and internship opportunities at participating companies. .. Find out more at